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Most Common FAQ’s.

If-Else Solutions offer wide-ranging services to individuals, companies and startups. Our
services include all forms of marketing, website development, application and software
development, eCommerce marketing, animation and filmmaking services. They further
unfold into subservices meeting diverse needs of our clients and prospects.
Drop us your queries if you want to discuss our services in detail, and we’ll get back to you

Pursuing with our services you get multiple striking perks, such as professional work, factor of affordability, consistent support, updates at every step of the process and there’s more on the list. Our customer remains functional 24/7, reach out to us with confidence.

Yes, we do. If you require more than one service, our bundled service plan is here to cater you with convenience. We can settle down in case if you have some customization requirements to meet as well. Contact us with confidence to know more details!

From suggesting the initial plan, choosing the development method to seeing the first drafts and what follows till the end, you have the complete authority and right to demand amendments and alterations. Our developers and creators will guide and assist you along all the way.

Yes, we do perform the usability testing in the real environments to observe how the product has come out. 

All our services our customer-centric, and ensure that it gets delivered what the ideal version of their product is. Besides being highly professional in our work mannerisms, we prioritize the recommendations of our clients and what they expect from their completed project. In short, we preferring our clients’ suggestions in everything makes us stand apart from the rest. 

It depends if you’re going for the customized service plan according to your needs or availing bundled services. Either way, you can conveniently afford our services without breaking the bank. We ensure that our service is not the burden on the pockets.

Currently we are accepting Direct Transfer, PayPal, Pioneer, Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa etc.

Our work ethics, taking pride in our hardworking employees and agenda to continually improve our services. We constantly push our boundaries to perform better, learn more and understand our clients better in every way possible. We know our craft and with everchanging technologies, we always advance towards the upgrade.

That rarely happens as we keep you informed about the development and the created versions along the way; if still such condition surfaces, we’ll make sure to remove your concerns and will resolve disliked element from the product.

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